Siôn Russell Jones “Despite My Burdens” – Anything BUT dragging me down

Siôn Russell Jones (pronounced ‘Sean’) is a Welsh singer/songwriter that has a voice as unique as his music. “Despite My Burdens” is the latest single and music video from his upcoming album “Lost No More”, and is the follow up to the brilliant song ‘Best Of Me’. This lad has performed at the legendary SXSW festival, and has been played by BBC 6Music recently, so he is definitely an artist to be keeping an eye on.

This latest single is a quirky mix of Americana, folk, and nu-folk that sounds little like his counterparts. The dynamics of all the sections of this songs are a bit disconcerting at first: opening up on a pub sing-along type section full of non-vocals, moving on to a quiet and relaxed verse, back to the energy of the pub, and then on to an Americana/country-style chorus that has an added blues element to it. One thing that you cannot say about this song is that it is boing. Sure, it may take a while for you to glue the separate parts together into a cohesive song, but once you grasp the sheer happiness and joy in this song, you’ll be wanting to sing and dance long as is it was written to do. The accompanying video also captures this beautifully; telling the tale of a sausage dog as he encounters some rather strange masked people. The happiness and positivism in his song writing and story-telling is welcome indeed.

Siôn has a wonderfully unique voice: although it’s soft and almost childlike at times, he has the control and projection of a true pro, whilst his Welsh accent puts a charming twist on it. Personally, if the whole song was sung like the verses, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the song as much as I do because there are ample amounts of male solo acts that reach for the heart strings at the moment. Thankfully, however, the chorus is ballsy and contrasts nicely with the down tempo verses. Siôn sure does know how to write a good song.

It’s also got to be said how good this artist’s other songs are. “Best Of Me” is an absolute giant of tune, whilst the Simon & Garfunkle-like harmonies demonstrated in his other, and upcoming releases are a refreshing sound for tired ears.

Siôn Russell Jones has got almost everything down: the song writing, the personal twist, the business sense, and the live performance. This boy is going from strength to strength, and I look forward to what he produces in the future.