Hockeysmith – “Hesitate” single

Hockeysmith are a pair of sisters from Cornwall who make alternative electronic music.

Infused with Trent Reznor-like guitars and big, fuzzy bass synths, their single “Hesitate” plays on the contrast between the big and heavy, and the beautiful and the melodic. There are a lot of dominant elements in this song, but the cut-up nature of them means that there is room for the more delicate, unpredictable elements like the vocals and the pad synths to jump out. The vocals are excellent, with both a pop, and a soul feel to them that borders on the likes of modern Drum and Bass, and Massive Attack. They are definitely the strongest feature of the track. Overall it’s very nicely composed, and a real interesting listen.

The band are fairly secretive across their social media channels, but the video for this single was featured on Noisey, exclusively, today, so the sisters are obviously doing something right!


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