Softengine – “Something Better” Single *Eurovision Special*

Softengine are a Finnish five piece singed to Sony (Finland). As such, this isn’t an “Introducing” feature as these guys are already on their way, but their single is so good that I think it deserves a mention nonetheless.

Those of you who have been watching the recent Eurovision Qualifiers will already know this song, and if you don’t, you’ll believe me when I say that this was the only decent rock track to be played that night; and it rightly earned them a place in the final (well done chaps).

Trust Finland, home of Lorde, to put forward rock; and an actually credible act at that!

The calibre of “Something Better” places it alongside many of the top-tier rock bands that are played on Kerrang etc on a daily basis in my opinion. The strong falsetto in the chorus makes it instantly recognisable, and it doesn’t have that “Oh, that’s Europop” vibe to it that puts so many of us Brits off. Ignore that they’re in Eurovision – this is a good band.


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