Norma Jean Martine – “No Gold” single

The Great Escape festival is throwing out a lot of talented acts this week, and Norma Jean Martine is one that has quite a buzz surrounding her online.

Norma is a singer-song writer from New York, and her single “No Gold” is a classy, upbeat pop song that is dominated by her rich and luscious voice. Songs like this are made for radio: a big powerful chorus, a lively middle 8, and an even more powerful outro that sees her move  away from her usual silky and sultry tone. She reminds me very much of Adele – which says ample about her quality and execution. Ok, so the style is a tried and tested formula, but here, it is the strength of her voice and the song writing itself that earns her a place on the tips of many-a-people’s tongue.

Norma is steadily gaining traction in the UK scene: performing a session with Huw Stephens last month, as well as slots at a number of UK music festivals this Summer. I predict we’ll be hearing a lot more of this gorgeous lady in the months to come



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