In Dynamics – “Grace” single

In Dynamics are an unsigned, alt/math rock threepiece from Brighton. “Grace” is the single from their recently released EP “Questions”.

I heard this song just after it was released, and God knows why I didn’t review it then! Math rock can be quite a hit-and-miss genre sometimes: bands take the unpredictable element way too far, and you end up with the group’s collection of favourite riffs welded together into a horrible Frankenstein monster.

But not these guys.

Strong melodies. Clever chord progressions. A great structure. A distinctive voice. Dynamics. I love it.

The influences I can hear in this song are some of my favourite bands: Biffy Clyro, Grammatics, Minus The Bear, Arcane Roots – you name it. The contrast between driving verse, the tension building bridge, and the the gentle, but beautiful let-down of the chorus is a great one, whilst the middle 8/16/24 demonstrates the creativity of the band brilliantly.

There’s not much more to say other than: I love this.



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