Funke and The Two Tone Baby – “Battles” album

One-man-band Daniel Turnbull, aka Funke and The Two Tone Baby, is a Blues/Americana musician that you won’t be able to help smile and jig along to.

There’s a lot of Blues out there, but Daniel has managed to craft a strong and charismatic sound that is so full of energy that you can’t help but listen. Using harmonicas, beat boxing, slide guitars and some guest vocals, the sound is rich, vibrant, and everything you’d expect from modern blues. The album is nicely paced, with songs like “Ode To The Pirate Ghost Witch” delivering slow, but powerful swells similar to Goldfrapp’s recent song “Annabel”, “The Woman Who Stood At The Edge Of The World” providing a surprising Jazz’y element, and in-your-face Americana songs like “Bella’s Kiss” and “Mountains” delivering the fun and the energy. His voice, too, is excellent, sounding both gruff and gentle when needed. The opening track, “Bella’s Kiss” is the highlight of the album for me.

Daniel is touring a vast number of dates between now and the end of September, including some local festivals, and a couple of dates in the Netherlands.

(If you like this, listen to Yeti Love)


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