Darlia – “Candyman” EP

Darlia are a threepiece from Blackpool that are hot on the lips of a lot of people at the moment; not only for their support slot at the upcoming Libertines reunion, but also for their brilliant, modern take on guitar-led grunge.

Comparisons to Nirvana are thrown around a lot these days, but for once, here is a band that quite possibly deserves it. Instantly you notice that his voice has a gritty power to it that is remarkably Cobain-esque in its sound, and with guitars and rhythm that are equally as skilful and charismatic, Darlia have quite the formula going for them. The band have a discernibly ‘British’ feel to their music – especially “Animal Kingdom” which resembles a number of Oasis songs – and so comparing them to a bit of Britpop isn’t a push at all. It’s an interesting combination, but it works.

The band have exploded into fame recently; receiving support from NME and the Buzz Man himself: Zane Lowe, as well as a slot at the upcoming Great Escape Festival and 2000 Trees Festival. Alongside rock duo Royal Blood, who they themselves are making quite a climb up the music ladder at the moment, there is a pleasant number of rock bands out there who are doing great things for the genre.

Go get ‘em lads.



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