Lakeside Drake – “Blackened Sky” single

Lakeside Drake are an unsigned, electronic rock duo from Canada.

Blending dreamy drums with prog rock vocals and guitar, this band sound eerily like the softer, jazzier side of Porcupine Tree; demonstrating no less skill or creativity than their legendary prog peers by any means. Their single “Blackened Sky” never really rises above a slightly raised voice, but it manages to convey a subdued poignancy, and a powerful ebb and flow to the momentum all-the-same.

What is particularly magical about this song is the way the ever-building choruses are dramatically cut off by gentle acoustic interludes. The dynamics are truly excellent, and the on-point, sorrowful vocals places them right up alongside the top prog bands in my book.

The band only joined Facebook in March of this year, so with an impressive 20k+ listens on their single so far, the pair are rightfully enjoying the buzz that seems to be surrounding them at the moment. Good luck to them.


One thought on “Lakeside Drake – “Blackened Sky” single

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