Press To Meco – “Family Ties” single

I’m a sucker for disjointed alt rock, and today, Press To Meco have filled that hole in my life.

Based in Croydon, this threepiece deliver just the right mix of frantic, discordant guitars, with strong melodies and a decent rock structure (which I find math rock like this can often lack). Reuben, Biffy Clyro: two of my favourite bands, and two that instantly jump to mind when listening to this song. Ok, so it has an ‘early noughties’ sound to it, but it’s done supremely well, and this is only their first EP.

What makes this stand out for me are the vocal melodies and harmonies; especially in the very Reuben-esque backing vocals in the chorus. It doesn’t feel like the guitars were written first, and then the vocals were as an afterthought – and that’s important for the overall cohesiveness of a song.

Currently touring the South West – including a gig at the Islington O2 Academy TOMORROW– and promoting their debut EP, this band feel to be pretty hot at the moment.


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