Nightbox – “The Panic Sequence” EP

Nightbox are a five piece electronic/pop band from Toronto, Canada, who dip their toes into the cool shallows of glitchy, atmospheric electronica, only to then take a step back, and bask in the warmth of fun, upbeat pop.

As I was listening to ‘Burning’ for the first time (the most listened to song off their latest EP “The Panic Sequence”), I was preparing myself for “that 6 Music Sound”, ie abstract beats and synths, with wistful, airy vocals over the top (I exaggerate a bit of course). But no. In fact, what I heard in the chorus borders on disco to my ears, and it works surprisingly – no, amazingly well. The vocals are front and centre, the drums are driving, and the sheer simplicity of is, frankly, beautiful.

This is also the case for most of the songs off their EP, which draw you in with deep electronic layering and processed effects, and spit you out the other end into catchy pop melodies. The title track is the quickest to jump into things, but it is the journey of songs like ‘Burning’ that makes its chorus feel so rewarding. I love it.

The artwork deserves a mention as well – very nicely done.

The band are currently gigging to support their EP, including a stint in the UK in early May.


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