Vie Jester – “Cognisense” EP

Vie Jester are an unsigned, hard rock threepiece from California. The band bring together the power and confidence of the American rock scene, with progressive structures and the delicate intricacy of metal like Tool and Mastodon. It’s been done before, but this sounds noticeably fresh and well executed to my ears. Referencing other influences like The Mars Volta and Soundgarden, these guys are off to a good start in my books.

Their debut EP ‘Cognisense’ was released mid last year, and features three tracks “Manifest”, “Humanity” and “Players Of Paradox”. “Manifest” is noticeably Mastodon-like in its sound, resembling metal, but being accessible to fans of rock at the same time. “Humanity” is dark and progressive, much like Tool or perhaps Karnivool. “Players Of Paradox”, on the other hand, has a groovey verse that has a Pantera ‘Walk’ feel to it, which although is not my favourite song in the world by any means, it seems to work here. Again, the band escape being pigeon holed as just another metal band, and use rock/almost Nu Metal choruses to great effect. The guitar riff in “Players Of Paradox” is particularly cool.

Currently gigging and promoting their EP in America, i’ll be watching out for their next release.

Listen to the EP, and more, here 


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