Armen Paul – “Birthday Suit” single

Talk about a fun Summer single! “Birthday Suit”, by New Yorker Armen Paul, is a catchy little pop song that will make you want to dance, and dance, and dance.

Although usually a bluesy, acoustic songwriter inspired by the likes of  John Mayer and Jack Johnson, Armen demonstrates a different side to his personality in his latest single “Birthday Suit”, which is upbeat, funky and fun. Listening to his past material, the song we hear here is completely different beast to his usual style; one which, in my opinion, suits him a lot, lot better. His voice is rich and warm, and the funky stabbing guitars contrast brilliantly with the fuzzy synths. The artwork, although a little cringey, is fun, and portrays the atmosphere of this energetic single perfectly. It’s a step up from the rest of his imagery, at least.

This kind of music makes me think of sunny days in the park, with a beer in my hand, and surrounded by plenty of friends. With Summer right round the corner, now is a good time for him to be stepping into his stride.

Currently studying (by the sound of his twitter), gigging local venues, and writing new music, I hope we hear a lot more songs like “Birthday Suit” from him.

Find Armen’s music and more here


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