Red Bull release inspirational mini documentary “Cut Your Teeth”

It’s a tough ol’ world out there sometimes, and whether you’re writing songs, producing albums, reviewing music, or simply looking for a job: staying driven and inspired can be a difficult task.

Remembering why you do something, and have something to aspire to is perhaps THE most important thing to staying productive for me; and its films like this that make me want to write 1,000 words…write an EP…or simply rock the f**k out.

Documenting the lives of a few bands from conception to stardom, this mini film captures the passion of musicians who inspire countless people around the world. It’s heart pumping stuff (as Red Bull do so well)

I highly recommend everyone watches a film like this when they’re feeling low as there’s no better feeling than sensing a similarity between you, and the person on the screen. What makes them special? Perhaps it is skill…but often, it is simply the drive and determination to see something through.

Before watching “Cut Your Teeth”, I watched a full length documentary about the life of Pixar this morning, and that had much of the same effect as this one did. The love of your art. A never say die attitude. Thinking intelligently about a problem. Passion.

Listen to your peers. Heed their words. And chances are, you’ll come out a more enlightened person because of it.


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