Little Matador post new video for single “Stitch Yourself Up”

With the band’s debut album being released in just over a month (21st April), things are hotting up for the alt rock band Little Matador.

With a guitar sound that strongly resembles any number of Biffy Clyro songs, and vocals that are reminiscent of Alex Turner and his singing drummer in Arctic Monkeys, “Stitch Yourself Up” is a great melodic follow on from the fantastic single “Boom, Boom” which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

Again, challenging harmonies and interesting chord sequences are what make this band stand out. Great big handfuls of backing vocals give this song depth, whilst the pounding piano in the verse gives the song a strong percussive quality that drives the song a long.

The video is also very well done, with a certain moment towards the end that will definitely become a talking point between fans of the band…

Are you excited about this band? Because I sure am.


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