Laszlo “Turning Tide” EP – Turning the concept of electronic music on its head.

Laszlo is a London based composer/producer that produces music unlike any other electronic act I hear these days. I first listened to his music a few years ago after a recommendation from a friend that has an eclectic taste that I very much respect, and ever since then, it has been one of my most played albums on my iTunes. I admit I haven’t been following him that closely lately as his online presence is far from extraordinary, but when I saw that he released a new EP at the start of this month, it reignited my interested. This EP, and in fact all of his music, is strange. It has a unique sound that I find hard to explain – but for me, that makes it all the better. Sadly the only way you can listen to the entire EP is by buying it (minus the sampler above). If you want to give this band a good listen, head here, and listen to the album that made me fall in love with them. Prepare to be challenged…

What does Laszlo sound like? Well on his social media he describes it as blending IDM/Electronica/Dance/Experimental and Jazz/World/Folk/Classical” which is certainly one of the most eclectic list of influences I’ve seen recently. Just from the look of it, you could well believe that this music is confused and lacks a direction, but in fact, I would argue that this is music that knows exactly what it is…it’s just not normal.

Combining glitchy, modern electronica beats with bizarre sounding synths and no vocals, this EP is like going on a mental voyage to the centre of your creativity. Jagged rhythms and melodies that come together from seemingly random, jazzy chord progressions challenges your ear to hear the beauty in the abnormal. At times, it reminds me of the experimental electronic music from the 80s that was still trying to find its feet, whilst at other times it sounds like brand spanking new electronica with a twist you can’t quite put your finger on. This is by no means commercial, easy music. The audience for this style of music is most certainly limited – but all this means it doesn’t have to adhere to the rules that many artists have to follow these days. It is daring. It is different. And it is absolutely wonderful in my opinion.

After the mood-setting intro track ‘Turning Tide’, ‘Loops’, as the title suggests, is a challenging collection of guitar, synth, and drum loops that intertwine in a mind melting, but tuneful way. Guitar and organ melodies that swoop in and out of the song hold together the atonal electronic sounds that makes it feel like you’re in some kind of dream, and is altogether a great easy listening song. ‘Limbo Lullaby’ has a different kind of sound altogether; first resembling the voice-like synths and 80s vibe of Daft Punk, and then turning into a more upbeat and dance-like song that sounds like Bonobo. The sheer variety in all of his music expertly done. Finally, ‘Cartoon Hero’ sounds the soundtrack to some kind of bizarre indie computer game that is a great, if strange way to end an EP.

And as I mentioned earlier, Laszlo is one of my most played artist on my iTunes library. Why? Just like watching fire, water or animals which relax humans because they are unpredictable and random, so is this music. Whether you use it as background music that is upbeat and tuneful, or as a focus and a tool for your mind to move freely and creatively, Laszlo’s music is fresh and unlike SO many things around at the moment. The depth and complexity to the layers you hear are all-absorbing; and I love music that I can get lost in.

This isn’t music you’re going to hear on the radio or at festivals any time soon, but this is still music that I am proud to say that I enjoy. It’s like having that small underground band that you keep in your pocket, and only bring out to really impress your music-minded friends. I don’t expect massive things to happen for this band (Not that I don’t wish it of course!), but as long as he keeps making music, I’ll keep buying it, and I’ll definitely keep listening.


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