Resando “New Religion” EP – The perfect sermon, but for the wrong ears

First of all, I want to say thank you to Resando for being the politest and most professional band to contact me so far. Bands, take note: this band didn’t just follow me on twitter and expect to be listened to, they didn’t send me a link with no explanation. They followed the request on my home page, and sent a personalised email with a ton of information on. It’s almost like they thought about the person that would be reviewing them. Isn’t that nice? The bit that did it for me was:

“…they also love 3rd person biogs”

Nice touch.

So Resando started off the listening session in my good books. Now let’s get into the music.

In a nutshell, these guys sound like a dubstep film score for a 1980s/90s sci fi film. Intriguing. In it, I heard Nero, Skrillex, Linkin Park, and also a hint of hardcore – not everybody’s pick of music – but at least it’s consistent. The production on these songs is pretty monumental. It is everything you’d expect from a big dubstep/dance number: the synths are fat, the beats are massive and in your face, and the big plus for me is that the vocals and front and centre. This instantly places them alongside big commercial bands like Chase And Status and Nero, who let’s face it, have done rather well in the past. The repetition in the chorus is an especially good hook. I’m impressed. They also say that they’re a live act – wouldn’t that be cool if they could pull it off live as well? The DnB/dubstep scene is vibrant and exciting at the moment, so if they can persist, I’m sure this band will go far.

Sadly, however, this is all I can find to say about the music. I have been through the Dubstep/DnB phase, but that was at the start of my time at university. I have seen Pendulum live 4 times. I’ve stayed in a club until 4 in the morning to catch my favourite DJ live. But I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and now I’m out the other side. I like this band, I really do, but it goes no further than “liking it”. It doesn’t grab me or touch my soul. I don’t want to go and buy all their music. BUT I’m not sure I would do that for any band in that genre any more. It’s music for people whose lives are fast and about partying, and I’m definitely not that. With songs that last just under 6 and 9 minutes apiece, I’m not sure I have the energy or the concentration to listen to that on repeat; except if it was as background music at a party perhaps.

So Resando are good. Their music is written and produced pretty perfectly (the songs are a bit long chaps, you must agree!?). But I’m not the person to get excited about this. Except in rare circumstances, 5 minutes of this music would suffice for me. I’m glad I heard these songs as it’s not often that I party to DnB anymore, but that’s about as far as I would go.

More than anything, this band’s approach to social media, album artwork, and communication are extremely professional, and with the music to back it up, I can see good things happening for this band.

See the band on facebook here.


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