When Our Time Comes “Port to Call” – Bringing metal to the masses

Variety is the spice of life.

Those of you who may know me will know that I’m not averse to a bit of metal from time to time. In fact I absolutely love it. So in the spirit of variety: now for something completely different.

When Our Time Comes are a melodic tech metal band that I’ve been following for a few years now, and their latest single “Port To Call” is an absolute beast of a track. For many people, ‘metal’ is a dirty word. It incites images of gothic makeup, guttural rumblings, and messages of hate and anger. Although this may be true in some cases (as is the case with most generalisations), there have always been bands on a tangent to these monsters of metal, who write big, heavy, technical riffs, but whose melodies are closer to those of rock. There is rarely anything satanical about these bands. The word “tech” (short for technical of course) will further put off people who like their music a bit easier to listen to, so we’re off to a good start. Chances are MOST ‘normal people’ won’t like this track because they think it’s too heavy. Sadly, this is a fate resided to those who have a taste for metal – but I urge you to see past your preconceptions of metal as a genre and listen to this song with an open mind.

As with any music, if you want something and you go hunting for it, you will find it. I like heavy music, but for me, I wanted a band who were as heavy as Sikth/Killswitch Engage/Monuments, but who had vocals that weren’t constantly screaming at my face. My favourite bits of these band’s songs were the choruses where they sang and they held back on the riffs-a-plenty verses. Periphery came close to this for me, but there were still times when I wished it would calm down a bit and edge closer to rock (I do ABSOLUTELY adore that band though).

When Our Time Comes ARE this missing band. Right at the ‘rock’ end of the tech metal spectrum, this is a band for anyone who feels like giving the genre a go. It is both accessible, and challenging for those into rock, but not quite metal. Listening to this band is a slippery road my friend – be prepared to be initiated!

“Port To Call” is perhaps my favourite song of theirs to date. The best part about the song for me is that on the first listen I thought the prechorus was the chorus – the stabby, high guitars giving it a killer groove that reminds me of both pop punk AND the super heavy tech band Monuments. Hell, I would have been completely content if that had been the chorus. But oh no. If the prechorus gave me the chills, the chorus gave me frostbite. Compared to the stabbing of earlier, the chorus is a fluid, swaying sound that plays beautifully of the other sections. If you took away the tapping over the chorus which makes it feel ‘tech’, then this could be a massive rock chorus. I like that. The breakdown after, including the genre-standard sub drops and djent-like guitar riffs (emphasis on the rhythm being played, not the notes) reminds the listener that what they’re listening to is really a metal track. Then we are taken back to a big crowd singing chorus, and dropped right back in to the great chorus riff. It’s just brilliant.

When Our Time Comes are like a rock band Plus. Sure, there are bands with a stronger voice, who play tech metal better or who have more of a bite, but for me, this band sit just where I want them to. This song makes me very excited about what is to come. I hope it does the same to you too.

Find the band on Facebook here.



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