Glass Animals “Gooey” – making me feel all soft and fuzzy inside

Glass Animals came to my attention when it was announced that Colin Greenwood from Radiohead would be organising this year’s Independent Music Venue Week here in the UK. Obviously interested in who he would pick as headliners, I came across these guys who happen to be a hidden treasure of electronic music.

Glass Animals fit into a genre that is really exciting me at the moment: alternative electronica. Chilled out, but definitely not boring, this kind of music is the perfect partner to sleepy, late-night journeys back home, or quiet mornings sitting around at home. Airy synths and soft, melodic vocals are definitely all the rage here. Muffled beats with handclaps (which oddly have a massive impact on the vibe of a song), entice your body into a hypnotic groove that quite simply makes you feel good. Similar to Bonobo, Atoms For Peace or Massive Attack, this band are all about writing easy listening music for when you feel like something mellow. A modern equivalent to jazz perhaps. And unlike a lot of its counterparts who’s vocals and lyrics are uninspiring to say the least (just listen to ANY John Newman song), Glass Animals have managed to craft vocals that sit perfectly with the rest of the music. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys start bringing in big name guest vocalists soon…

For me, this song really does encapsulate where I see a lot of music going at the moment: blending RnB vibes and beats with a pop formula. Like a vamped up version of RnB, music like this is perfectly at home on radio stations like 6Music, which in turn gives them, and the genre, a promising future indeed.

With electronic music like this around, I’m a very happy man.

Visit the band’s Facebook here:


3 thoughts on “Glass Animals “Gooey” – making me feel all soft and fuzzy inside

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