Racing Glaciers “New Country” – old dog, impressive new tricks.

Racing Glaciers are a 5 piece from Macclesfield that have experienced impressive moments of hype throughout their 2 EP career thus far. 60,000+ soundcloud plays on their first single “South” prompted a rapid attraction of attention from a number of large blogs, and so this, their second EP has quite a legacy to live up to. Im embarrassed to say that I haven’t YET bought their EP as I went on a music binge only recently, so this is a review of the newest single “New Country” which is available to stream on Soundcloud.

As with a lot of the music I’ve reviewed lately, Racing Glaciers again sit in that space between pop & rock, with a touch of electronica (especially in the vocals), and also a dash of Mumford And Sons this time. “New Country” is perhaps their most ‘rock’ track to date, featuring large crescendos, distorted guitars, and layered vocals that remind me of Pendulum songs such as “Watercolour” at times. “Mumford and Sons AND Pendulum!?” I hear you cry? Well, maybe its not quite as clear cut as that, but the robotic harmonies that the vocals provide certainly add a great deal of character to the band; one which I’d like to see if they can pull off in a live environment. The effects on the vocals are definitely this band’s calling card.

“New Country” is another song that has nailed a good chorus. Clear vocals occupy the spaces left by the drums and guitars, whilst the emphasised crashes give a reason for a good ol’ fist punch in the air. They also use trumpets to good effect which further strengthens their connection to the modern “Mumford sound”. The bridge that follows the second chorus is a great tension builder for the final Pendulum-like chorus at the end which is full of energy and emotion. The one thing that I do think is missing is a long, held vocal at some point that the crowd could really sing along to, but that’s just a minor quibble in reality.

After listening to the previews of the other tracks on the EP a few times, all in all it sounds like Racing Glaciers are gearing themselves to being a great live band as well as a recording band; their first EP being MUCH more chilled than this one. Indeed, this corresponds with their upcoming support of major name Tom Odell which must be very exciting for the band. Im not sure how these guys do it, but whenever they release a record, they always seem to bag incredible opportunities that do wonders for their exposure; this time being the backing track for the GB Winter Olympics Team’ web series “One Team To Sochi”. Very entrepreneurial.

If you like this song, I highly recommend grabbing their first EP which is available for free from their Bandcamp page:

Find the guys on Facebook here:


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