Future Ages “002” EP – brilliant, but not for the masses.

FutureAges are a band that have haunted my subconscious for a while now – their bassist being a former member of one of my all-time favourite bands Reuben – and so when I saw the Reuben page mentioning this band had a new EP out, my curiosity took me down the rabbit hole…

This band are the essence of math rock/alt rock; catering for that minority that still go down to the local venue to hear what local bands have to offer. Schitzophrenic guitar riffs, melodies you can only really hum along to if you know the song inside out, and moments of absolute rock frenzy: for better or for worse, this band are going to split a lot of opinions. Want something easy to listen to? Nope, wont get that here. Want classic 4/4 rock with blistering solos and a butch man waving his crotch in your face? Nope (well, maybe the solos). But if you want music to go a bit crazy to, if you want music to sit back and appreciate in your man cave, and if you like bands like early Biffy Clyro, The Mars Volta, early Incubus or Damiera, you’re going to SERIOUSLY dig this band. “002” is an EP for rock enthusiasts who have, or still play their guitar.

The first thing that will leap out at you is the singer’s voice. Through want of a better comparison, it reminds me of great female rock singers like Lacey Mosely from Flyleaf, Serrina Sims from Sweethead, or even the subsonic frequencies made by Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta. By all accounts she is a wonderful singer, and it is her contribution that set this band a tier above their all male counterparts.

The guitars, bass and drums are a frantic, but cohesive mesh of fast paced alt rock riffs. An EP like this will send the young budding guitarist/drummer absolutely crazy – but when he comes out, he will be a better musician for it. To my ears it sounds like Reuben (if you know them) going a bit punk.

Sadly, however, it is precisely their niche that will likely prevent them from reaching the mainstream. This kind of music is MADE to be played in local venues, MADE to go down in local music history, but what I cannot see is them headlining any major music festivals any time soon. But hey, that’s not such a bad thing. The music they write is great, and it sounds like a blast play – so who’s complaining? Hell, I’ll probably buy their EP and go see them live sometime if they’re around!

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2 thoughts on “Future Ages “002” EP – brilliant, but not for the masses.

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