Secret Company’s single “Saviour” – not secret for much longer

At the threat of sounding like a hipster, Secret Company are probably a band that you have never heard of, but trust me when I say that they are on track to becoming a band that a lot of people will know in a few years time. As I write this, they have just declared that they will be played on Chris Hawkins 6Music show tomorrow, so believe the hype…

Sitting in that very ‘now’ space between pop, electronica and rock, their latest single “Saviour” is a fantastically catchy song that has a sing-along chorus as good as any other. Samples, and electronic programming help make something special out of an otherwise “just good” song; exemplified by the eerie synths that open up the track. Although his voice does edge on a tad “nasal” at times to my ears, the chorus is SO good that I am steered away from this conclusion very quickly. Listening to their other tracks like “Fever Of Love”, you can tell that this band aren’t just another one hit wonder, with intelligent composition strung throughout their releases. Furthermore, the production on this song really does do it justice. Quite simply it sounds massive. An absolute belter in fact.

Bringing all this great music together is a very strong, and consistent aesthetic. Playing on the theme of their single, the band released a string of photoshopped images of famous deceased people which was a nice, creative touch. In a world where there are too many average musicians, the lyrical theme is an interesting one, and the promotional images that followed were even more special still. A lot of thought has quite clearly gone in to this release. It’s a wonder these guys are still unsigned…

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2 thoughts on “Secret Company’s single “Saviour” – not secret for much longer

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