Bad Suns “Cardiac Arrest” – stopping me in my tracks

This American group is one of those bands that leapt out at me on my hunt for new music a few months ago; and man, am I glad they did!

Not being a massive fan of indie, part of me was scared when I saw that Bad Suns identified themselves with the genre. Luckily for me, however, ‘Cardiac Arrest’ sits in that fortunate gap on the ‘Rock’ side of Indie, rather than the style and no substance side of indie that is often the case (NME, I’m looking at you here!). Similar in its upbeat nature to The 1975 which again are an indie band that I strangely find myself liking because of their uncharacteristic musical ability in the genre, this song has exceptionally strong melodies that you’ll be humming soon after you listen to it. Broken up drums grooves, overlapping guitar riffs, and stop-start moments that you find in a lot of alt rock are all interwoven into this cleverly written track. The drum groove is really the thing that ties this song together for me.

I find it hard to knock anything about this song, or the band’s other releases such as “Salt” which is another great track. The production on his voice is perhaps a bit over the top to not notice at times, but I think in this case it can be forgiven.

Overall, “Cardiac Arrest” is a good example of the direction modern, indie rock is moving at the moment – and not being a natural fan of the genre, I find myself becoming a convert with songs like this around…

Currently, Bad Suns have got much more hype surrounding them in America than in the UK; but I’m sure it wont be long until they start getting recognised and getting airplay on our shores.

Head over to the band’s Facebook here:

Comment below if you like, or loathe the track!


3 thoughts on “Bad Suns “Cardiac Arrest” – stopping me in my tracks

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